About Colton Locksmith

Certification for Lock picking and Locksmithing

Certification isn't a necessity in locksmithing, but it will definitely help you find a job. At Colton Locksmith, all of our trained professionals are certified and they re-certify when their certification runs out. A customer of Colton Locksmith is always happy to see that their locksmith at Colton Locksmith has the proper certifications and has gone that extra mile for them. A license is issued every two years, after which it is reassessed. This goes on through the entire career of a Colton Locksmith, unless they are to change the licensing and certification laws.

To get licensed, the Colton Locksmith must take courses and pass standardized tests, every two years in most states. Licensing looks good because it not only is an extra skill for a Colton Locksmith, but they are recognized by the city and have extra knowledge, which also looks good for Colton Locksmith. The license or certification is portable from company to company, that is, if one were to quit a job and get hired at Colton Locksmith, their certification would not have to be reassessed until the two year mark from when they were first certified.

There are licensing requirements for a Colton Locksmith. You do not have to be currently working as a locksmith if you are 18 or over, but if you are 16 or 17 you must be taking apart in an apprenticeship. Colton Locksmith offers pre-apprenticeship programs for high school students, and helps them get the knowledge to pass the certification tests. For the license to be valid, the Colton Locksmith must be legally able to work in the USA and be competent and of good character, which is assessed in a job interview with Colton Locksmith.

A criminal record check will be done if the Colton Locksmith is applying for certification or licensing. This helps Colton Locksmith hire because if the candidate is licensed, they have passed a background check and have nothing on their record, so they are an asset, rather than a hindrance to the team. The Colton Locksmith candidate must be fluent in English and has to have completed certain training programs they may or may not have to pay for. It varies state to state. Colton Locksmith prefers to have certified locksmith's.