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When a Colton Locksmith is certified they belong to an organization called the Associated Locksmith's of America. Before being certified, a Colton Locksmith must have a certain amount of hours under their belt (which also varies state to state) before they can take the tests. They may also need a contractor license. The Colton Locksmith must pass two tests to qualify for their license. Each test the Colton Locksmith takes has 80 multiple choice questions and a set time limit.

A certified locksmith has more protection than a non-certified locksmith, but can be subject to penalties and fines. If a Colton Locksmith is to lie while giving their past history, it is an offence that can be fined up to $5000. The Colton Locksmith employee might also have to appear in court. This looks bad on Colton Locksmith and generally results in termination. However, a certified locksmith is more likely to be hired at Colton Locksmith. A license can also be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct.